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Shenzhen qi Ming optronics focus on LED lighting and LED indoor commercial lighting, such as advertisement engineering LED lighting products in areas such as research and development, production and sales.Products cover LED wash wall lamp, LED lamp, LED advertising light boxes light, LED guardrail tube, LED soft article lamp, LED lab light box light, LED curtain light box lamp, LED ultra-thin light box light, article LED lights the dark trough, Cree LED high-power lamps, touch LED lights, ambry article LED lights, one of the most cost-effective LED soft light, the body induction LED lights, LED bulbs, LED panel light, LED waterproof lights, bus advertising light boxes, LED lights, colorful LED hard light, colorful LED lights, induction article LED lights, color temperature LED lights, our values: return to nature, to create a natural light environment, repay society quality products) enterprise idea: do plastic first-class brand customer commitment: one hundred enterprises, providing customers with the most excellent quality, the most reasonable price, the most reliable delivery time, the most reliable technical services.Management idea: to strictly regulate the management has always been throughout the production.Service tenet: to the technology as the guide, fully embodies the excelsior technology to the product.Quality policy: quality everyone, every bits of bit is fine, everywhere for the customer, and innovative for a day.Quality idea: to perfect the remarkable quality, commitment to the top of the market.
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